What do you think of when you hear the word “media?”
For some, you may think of the news broadcasters bringing you all the latest stories, for others you may think of the more physical form (i.e. the kind you place with various stations in an attempt to advertise your business).
Both of those are true definitions of the word, but for the sake of today’s blog, we will be discussing media in the form of website content (not the words on your website, but rather the images and video).

We’ve already discussed this week the importance of text on a site. But the importance of images and video is just as significant.

Of course it is!,” you say. “People love pretty pictures and captivating video!
…and you would be right. Due to our society being highly image driven, it is critical to have images and video to add to the aesthetic appeal of your website. However, the importance of media on your website goes a step further than “just looks.”

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Like content, media on your website can be optimized for search engine results. Not only can it be optimized to supplement SEO, but Google rewards sites with media due to the fact that people want to see images and video.

You see, Google is all about giving people what they want. The Google algorithms are specifically designed to know what people like to see, and delivering it to them in less than a second.

Uploading optimized content, in the form of media, to your website is vital to search engine rankings. Don’t forget about the balance though!

In addition to higher search rankings, media on your website helps with social media sharing, too! Whenever you add a link to a post or tweet, that social media platform crawls the site for any visual media associated with that link. Social media posts will always perform better with an image or video, and it’s so much easier (for you or anyone sharing) if it attaches automatically! 

As you can see, having media on your website is vital to website success. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to adding media (or even getting it), we’re here to help! Simply contact us by submitting the form above.

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