This week, I’ve been giving you my (always humble) opinion of the upcoming Super Bowl commercials. What to watch, and what to ehhh…not watch. If you’ve missed anything, catch up here.

So, the last commercial we’re previewing is Audi’s R8. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Audi is a pretty awesome brand with pretty awesome vehicles. Their Super Bowl commercial, however, isn’t exactly captivating. Unless you’re far out…

(Cue the pity laugh.)

To understand a bit more about what I’m talking about, you can check out the ad below.

For me, this ad seems a little far fetched. But, it’s a TV ad…running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. What can you expect? Maybe this one will really blast off, but my bet is that it won’t…

(Okay, I’m done with the puns.)


…with your marketing, that is.

Whether or not this year’s Super Bowl commercials will make us cringe, cry, or cackle is anyone’s guess. However, there is something interesting about Super Bowl commercials…

People don’t have to wait until game day to watch them! I mean, I’ve been giving you a preview all week. In fact, if I really wanted to, I could watch all of the ones that have been released and skip the game entirely. Which would make Super Bowl commercials entirely ineffective.

Now, will I do that? Of course not. I love the energy (?) of watching the Super Bowl, seeing the performances, watching the ads, etc. However, I could. The power of the Internet is all around us. It’s changing our world every day…including the way we consume media.

Will there be a day when Super Bowl advertising is dirt cheap because it becomes ineffective and irrelevant?


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