9. Spend

Here’s the important part. It is very easy to mistype an amount for ad spend, (I think Facebook makes it that way.) so just be careful. First, choose if you want to set your budget on a “daily” or “lifetime” duration. Obviously, “daily” will spend the designated budget on a daily basis and “lifetime” will spend the budget over the course of the dates you set. (After choosing the “lifetime” option, Facebook will prompt you to enter start/end dates and times of your ad.)


How do you know how much to spend? It’s easy. By entering certain amounts, Facebook shows your estimated daily reach, depending on your selected audience (Step 6). It will show your total audience at one end and the estimated amount of people (on a daily basis) that you will be able to reach with the designated budget.

Facebook Advertising Can Be Effective If Done Right.

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By clicking “Show Advanced Options,” you can choose certain days and day parts to run your ad (6am-4pm, Saturdays and Sundays, etc.) You then have the option to name your ad set (meaning you would name this specific ad within your campaign—you had the choice to name your campaign earlier in Step 5.)

10. Creative

Now you can select images and video for your ad. You can either upload your own images, choose from your own photos/video that you have previously uploaded to the page OR choose from Facebook’s selection of free stock photos. After selecting photos, don’t forget to “crop” them to make sure they fit within the image box!

11. Text

You are given 90 characters to place text above the image you’ve chosen for your ad. It is best to put a general description of your company or services, briefly explaining what your company is about. Keeping it simple is best (and easy to do, since you’re only give 90 characters).

Next is the GRAND FINALE! We’re wrapping up our “Guide To Running Facebook Ads” with steps 12 & 13.

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