We’re continuing our guide to running Facebook ads with steps 6-8. By the end of this series, you’ll be running Facebook ads like a pro! If you’ve missed any part of our guide, catch up HERE!

6. Choose Your Audience

This is where you may freak out…but don’t! It’s a lot simpler than it looks. You can create a “custom audience” to reuse for another campaign (this is beneficial if you plan to target the same audience more than once). Simply click “Create A New Custom Audience…” and upload a customer list, website traffic or app activity. Most people won’t have this, but if you do, creating a custom audience is the option for you! If you don’t want to create a custom audience, simply move down to the next option, “Locations.” Type in the City, State, Zip, or Address of the location you would like to target. After that location pulls up, you can choose to expand that location to a radius (10-50 miles, or customize your own). Next, choose the age and gender of the audience you would like to target. Then choose the language of the people you want to target. If you choose “English (US),” then your ad will not be displayed to someone who has their Facebook language set to Portuguese (or any other language for that matter). (HINT: When choosing this specific information, think about your ideal customer, or your general customer base. Where are they located? How old are they? Is the majority male or female? What language do they speak?)


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7. Interests & Behaviors

Next comes “Interests and Behaviors.” Be careful when entering this information because you can limit yourself. If you choose specific interests, you are choosing to display your ad to those people who have designated that certain interest/liked a page relevant to that interest. Behaviors are based on Facebook data (mobile device usage, your job role, travel information…the list goes on forever). These two options make your ad extremely specific. Which is great if that’s what you want, but not so great if you just want to appeal to a general audience (or if you’re just trying to get your name out there).

8. Connections

Now choose the connections of the people you would like your ad displayed to. You can choose everyone, people already connected to your page or people who are not connected to your page. Or, if you’d like to get really specific, you can exclude and include certain connections through “Advanced Connection Targeting.” If you’d like you can click the “Save This Audience” box to save the audience for future use.

Tomorrow, we’re continuing with steps 9-12. You’ve made it through the majority, so don’t turn back now!

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