Phew! You’ve made it to the end! 

Finish up our Guide To Running Facebook Ads with steps 12-13 below! If you’ve missed the rest of our guide, catch up here! Advertising on Facebook isn’t as intimidating as it may seem…not with our simple “how to” anyways!

12. Ad Preview

Now you are given the chance to review your ads and see what they’ll look like on desktop, mobile, and desktop right column. You can easily remove one of these displays by clicking “Remove.” But since that limits your ad display, we wouldn’t recommend it. Make sure your ad looks exactly how you want it to and move on to the final step…

13 Place Order!

Click that magic green “Place Order” button if you’re ready to place your ad. If not, you can always “Review Order” to double check the settings and spend are what you wanted.

You've Made It To The End!

Still confused? We can help!

Well there you have it, a complete guide to running Facebook ads. Now that you have them set and running, it’s up to you to monitor them and adjust them according to what you’d like to see. Not enough reach? Consider increasing the location radius (or adding one if you didn’t in the first place). Didn’t get quite the amount of “likes” you wanted to see? Maybe you should increase your budget. There are definitely “fixes” to any of your ad problems, it’s just a matter of finding the problem and choosing how you’d like to resolve it.

We told you you could do it, didn’t we??

Like we said in the beginning, we congratulate you for knowing the importance of advertising on Facebook. (Or if you didn’t know before, we’re hoping you do now!) Advertising on Facebook will not only increase overall engagement and grow your page, but it will build an awareness of your business that will eventually lead to increased sales. Facebook is a way of life for people these days and you now have the ability to advertise on it. Why would you pass up that opportunity?

If you’re still confused or have questions about advertising on Facebook, OR if this guide has done nothing but made you realize you don’t want to do it yourself, you’re in luck! Contact us at 432-218-6736 or submit the form above. One of our Facebook advertising experts will be happy to assist you!


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