In today’s device-obsessed world, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed by software, hardware, apps, and widgets. However, one of my absolute favorite organizational tools harnesses the power of technology to help me organize my time, both personally and professionally. As part of SDB’s better business tips, I’m here to share my tech pointers to help you better manage your business.

Get Your Head IN The Cloud(s)

Tech Pointers

Technology doesn’t have to cloud your time management

I’ve already said that I’m a huge fan of Apple products. However, on of my favorite features is iCloud. Though you may not be an Apple fan, there are many other different cloud services available. Long story short, I love that my activities are streamlined through a single portal. If I update a calendar entry on my phone, it automatically updates my laptop and my tablet. If I want to download a song on my desktop but already downloaded it onto my phone, that’s no problem, either. It’s convenient…which saves me time, hassle, and headache. There are several options, including Google OneDrive and Amazon.

Drop The Traditional Old Ball & Chain

Make Your Professional Life More Mobile With Technology

There’s An App For That

It’s really important that I stay connect to my professional life without being tethered to a desk. Apps have made my life so much easier and I want to share a few of my favorites with you.

  • Evernote – You’ve already read Kelsie’s blog on list-making. One of the reasons we get along so well is that we share an affinity for lists…and Evernote makes it possible digitally. No more killing trees (though I love pretty pens and paper). I just jot it down and go. Even better still, it syncs seamlessly to all of my other devices.
  • Dropbox – iCloud is very Apple-centric (is that a word?!), so it doesn’t always make the best file sharing cloud. Dropbox is fantastic for sharing files and I love that you can set and change privacy settings with ease.
  • PDF Expert – As a note-taker extraordinaire, this app is super handy for making notes on PDF files without paying ridiculous amounts of money for fancy software. You can highlight, underline, type, make annotations, and fill in forms. It’s handy and simple.
  • SimpleMind+ – If you’ve never heard of mind-mapping, you should REALLY check into it. I’m a weird cross between an overanalyzer and a daydreamer. This app creates diagrams to help group ideas together to make them more cohesive and visually appealing.

Additional Tips

Tech Pointers

Group activities by color for better organization

While I use the basic iOS task managers, I highly recommend utilizing an app that can color code your activities. My workouts are pink (yep, I schedule that “meeting” with myself daily), travel is teal, appointments are green, and so on. It’s really helpful to organize by color because I’m really visual. Even for my handwritten notes, I switch my pen color to help me quickly sort out what I need to do on a weekly basis.

I’m a busy gal who’s always on the go. From appointments to traveling to meetings, I’m moving constantly. My days are usually pretty full and I can’t imagine my life without technology. Regardless of which services you choose, I hope you’ll be able to use my tech pointers in your daily business life.



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