I just got back from the most incredible event of my entire life.
When asked how it was, I’ve been saying “I have no words to describe my experience.” But apparently I do since I’m writing a blog about it.
Thanks to my boss (S/O to Mr. Shane Boring) we were able to land tickets to The Ellen Show. I should preface this by saying that Ellen DeGeneres is hands down my absolute favorite person on planet earth. Getting tickets to her show (which is pretty close to impossible) was a dream come true.

(I’d like to cut in and mention that I realize how dramatic all of this sounds. But I would like you, my dear readers, to realize that every bit of this drama is real.)

The squad (Dedee, Anna, Ali and I) decided to make a trip out of our Ellen Show experience and spent 4 days in Los Angeles. We took on LA, saw the sights, smelled the smells, and chased celebrities. We ate at some fabulous restaurants and sun soaked on incredible beaches. It was truly amazing!

…but then, the day had arrived. It was the day we were to see The Ellen Show. The whole day didn’t seem real. I mean, I knew that’s where we were going, but the fact that we would soon be breathing the same air as Ellen BLEW MY MIND.

So, after checking in and grabbing lunch, we were all sitting in the waiting area before going into the studio. By no means did I “play it cool,” I was thrilled to be on the show and it was embarrassingly apparent (see Exhibit A below.)

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Upon walking into the studio, tears of joy began streaming down my face. It was all so real. TWiTCH was in his DJ booth, Andy was producing, Kevin The Cashier was seating, Ari was checking people out in the shop…we were at The Ellen Show.

The show (and dancing) began. When TWiTCH approached me to dance, I acted like I wasn’t losing my mind. Inside I was totally fan girl-ing, but on the outside I was moving my body like I never had before. The experience was euphoric.

Soon after my public embarrassment, Ali got called up to play a game, Pie Face, with Ellen. It is worth mentioning that my dear friend Ali loves Ellen as much as I do. So, as one would expect, she was overjoyed (understatement) to be called up to play. Much to my dismay, she did not get a pie in the face, but she did win a 55 inch Roku TV. A TV that she will keep forever since it was basically a gift from Ellen.

It’s the day after our Ellen experience and I’m having withdrawals. Even though I didn’t personally meet Ellen, I feel like we are best friends and I’ll miss her dearly. Our LA trip was an absolute blast and so many fun memories were made. I am so blessed to work for, and with, the people I do and will be forever thankful for this experience!

(PS: Ellen, if you’re reading this, it was us who set off the alarm at your home in an attempt to get just a tad closer. We’re sorry.)


That’s me dancing with TWiTCH. Yeah, it happened.

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