What to Expect when You’re Expecting Ellen?

Could it all be rainbows and unicorns at the Ellen show? Well…actually, yes! After a fun filled weekend of looking for celebrity homes, eating at great restaurants and living the beach life in Malibu, the day we had been waiting for has finally arrived. As the Ellen T-shirt says, Today’s the Day!

We all have received so many questions regarding our experience at Ellen. So, I will try to do my best to answer your questions!

1. How did you get tickets? Did you have to wait a long time?

My husband got the tickets from a local affiliate of Ellen’s that sells her show on their station. We were given VIP tickets and that was such an awesome gift. One common question amongst the audience members was “How did you get your tickets”, and honestly, we didn’t meet one person that had put their name on the list. All of the people we met, VIP and Guaranteed Ticket Holders seemed to have a connection of some sort to get the tickets.   Of course, we didn’t talk to everyone, so maybe, all of the people we didn’t talk to just put their names on a list. Who knows?

2. What did you wear?

I wore a blue dress, my daughter wore a green top and to be honest, it was so much easier to spot her in the audience. Our friends wore a purple top and a floral top and the floral was easy to see too. Lesson here is to wear bright if you want to be seen more on TV or at least easier to spot. And for Pete’s sake…do your hair and put on some makeup. I can’t believe I would even have to say that, but seriously…you’re at Ellen!13082612_10205772981674859_7549684945274253144_n

3. What do you do when you get there?

We were sent an email to confirm the tickets and that email had detailed instructions on the who/what/when/where. We arrived at 12ish and checked in with our IDs and email confirmation. We were stamped with a blue light stamp on the arm, and then told we could get some lunch or hang out in our section, but to be back by 1:30. Our group decided lunch was a great idea and wondered left out of the parking garage to find CiaoCristina!. It was a perfect light lunch before the show and even though they were crowded, our food arrived timely. We arrived back at 1:35, and noticed the Guaranteed Ticket Holders and Stand by people were going through the check in process and given a questionnaire to answer. The rest of us were given the chance to take pictures with Ari from the show and by items at the kiosk Ellen shop. There is a small food stand and some vending machines. Make sure to go to the bathroom now. There isn’t another opportunity until the show is over. They say this on the confirmation email and it is true. There is an Ellen representative for each group and they give specific instructions for their groups.

The four of us were asked to be part of a focus group. They then picked about half of us to continue on into the focus group. I was not one of those. Those left behind went on through security and then escorted into the Ellen Shop where we were given about 30 minutes to buy the fairly limited items and even more limited sizes. I was so surprised. I thought it would look like a Disney gift shop full of items, and it just isn’t. It was in the shop that the lucky focus group folks met back up with us and they were pretty hush hush about their experience, but it was basically and audition to be on the show. The lesson here is, if you want to play a game or be picked for something on the show. Act excited and over the top as soon as you hit the parking garage. They identify you there and basically just make sure you are not crazy during the focus group process. Take pictures, hashtag them, yell, scream and be joyful!

Once they doors open up, they take the VIP section in first. Ali from our group was picked for a game and they had a specific spot for her to sit. They then just filled in the rest of the spots. They have a guy come and give more instructions and then the show begins with Twitch dancing. He is amazing and it was one of my favorite parts of the show. He is truly talented.image001

4. What happens during the show?

It is just like you see on TV. We even stop for the commercials but they keep our energy up by having us dance.

5. Do you get to talk to Ellen?

No. And that is a bummer, but she does address the crowd after the show is finished. It wasn’t much, but that may have been because we taped part of another show too.

6. What happens after the show?

They escort you back into the Ellen Shop and you can shop some more, take photos and bask in the Ellen Show glow. It was a great time!

The Post Partum Ellen Let Down is for real Y’all!

We had look forward to Ellen for 2 months and once it was over, we all were a little bummed. Schedule a fun place to eat after and continue the party to celebrate the experience. We went to Nobu LA and it was a great place to spot celebrities, (Hola, Rumer Willis and Pharell) and talk about the show to finish out the day. Then on the way home, wear your Ellen shirt on the plane. People are so excited to talk about Ellen and you will be too!


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