Dreams Do Come True

Ever had your biggest dream come true? I did this weekend in California, specifically in Burbank at the Ellen Degeneres Show! Let’s back up because the excitement is making me get ahead of myself.

We, the LA squad, hopped off the plane at LAX, just like Miley says, with a dream and a cardigan, and from the second we breathed in the LA air, we knew this trip would be one to remember.

After a long night of flying we caught some z’s and woke up bright and excited on Saturday morning. Our first adventure was catching the TMZ tour, where we saw all of the hot spots for celebrities and iconic hotels where TMZ broke its biggest stories. Driving past famous signs and scenes from our favorite shows and movies was hard to believe. We also saw a sign on which Kanye hit his head, which I can only assume made him “stronger.”

After the tour we jumped off the bus and began our own tour of Hollywood Blvd. Walking up the staircase of the famous Dolby Theater, we were surrounded by “Best Picture” titles on the wall. Being a huge movie buff, standing where they host The Oscars was an amazing feeling that I will never forget.

The rest of that day and the next was filled with amazing restaurants, beaches and beautiful scenery I thought only existed in movies and on the reality TV shows that fill up my DVR. It was on that Monday afternoon that one of the best moments of my life took place.

Monday came and my excitement couldn’t be contained. It was the day of The Ellen Show. When we arrived we were immediately stamped and told where to sit as VIP. We spotted Ari at the small Ellen Shop outside and couldn’t help but fan girl all over the place. Three koozies and two phone cases later we had met and took a photo with Ari, and the excitement continued from there!



Once getting into the studio we took our seats and sat in awe of the amazing studio we watch on TV everyday. When TWiTCH was announced he danced his way across the aisles grabbing people to bust a move with. Being near him was cool enough, but when he grabbed Kelsie for a dance, we jumped out of our skin in disbelief. Popping, dropping, and the robot were his choice of moves and Kelsie, an experienced dancer, kept up the whole time. I think it is safe to say the money her parents spent on dance lessons in her life had all been deemed more than worth it in that exact moment. When Kelsie came back to her seat she was on a cloud that wasn’t coming down any time soon!

As the show progressed we saw an amazing out loud funny interview with Tracee Ellis Ross, Ari’s girlfriend videos and even a skit recreating Aladdin starring Ellen’s funniest employees. Then came the time to play a game, and it was Pie Face that was on deck.

When the words, “Ali Childers” came out of Ellen’s mouth I sat in my seat thinking, NO WAY, NO WAY!!!! It was actually happening. I was going to meet the woman who I admire so much! I hugged Ellen on stage, put on an Ellen sweatshirt and stuffed my face in the Pie Face hole ready for questions.

I was asked three questions, got one correct and the other two wrong. Unfortunately, the one I got correct did not air, which left plenty of jokes from family and friends. All in good fun, of course!

Winning a TV on Ellen was surreal, but the entire experience of being there, meeting Ellen, Dedee seeing the Prince tribute and seeing Anna’s face when 5th Harmony came out, was the absolute best part of our trip.

Going on this trip I learned a few things. I am in fact a crazy fan who enjoys looking for celebrities’ houses, I wouldn’t trade my LA squad for anything, and I will never forget who Michael Strahan played for, or who is on the twenty dollar bill.

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