I bought some big bottles of water. This sentence is actually the end of the story.

Is the marketing of water a good example to share in this week’s SDB Marketing Chronicles series? I believe it is. It’s simple. It is something everyone on earth needs. I just bought a bigger bottle this time than most.

I had a need for a lot of water. I’ve been running bleachers for the past couple of months. Some people might think it is torture, but I really enjoy it. It is the most demanding workout I’ve ever done, and when I run enough of them….I sweat a lot. So there it is. I developed a need for more water.

I usually run at lunch. I’ll change into my workout clothes at the office, drive to the stadium, run, and then drive home to shower before returning to work. About a month ago I forgot to grab some water bottles from my house, so I purchased water at Jack’s, a local convenience store. I bought two, different brands of water, Smart Water and Ozarka. They were both large bottles, but I couldn’t tell you the exact size.

The Smart Water was about .50 cents more, but I thought it would be worth the “added filtration, electrolites, etc.”. I made this purchase two other times, and started to question the value of spending $4 – $5 per workout on water.

SDB Marketing Chronicles

SDB Marketing Chronicles: Shane

That is when the research began.

I knew I could buy Smart Water at Sam’s Club in bulk, but that would also mean having to go to Sam’s Club. My least favorite thing about that place is having my cart searched before I leave….always makes you feel appreciated. Then I had a great idea. “Why don’t you just see if Amazon sells Smart Water?”. Sam’s Club, you’re fired.

I typed “Smart Water” in the search bar of Amazon, but Smart Water is not the first item that appeared. The first item to appear was Essentia. On the bottle’s label was a big, red box that had “9.5 pH or HIGHER”. It looked impressive, so I read the description of Essentia water. Remember, this is just water. It could be filtered out of a toilet bowl, and I probably wouldn’t know the difference.

I checked the reviews and they were very positive. I then checked the size of the bottle available, and most importantly…is Prime Shipping offered? The price compared to Smart Water was basically the same. The main difference was Essentia could be shipped free, arriving in two days with 1.5 liter bottles. Smart Water only offered 1 liter bottles as the biggest size. I bought Essentia for the size of the bottle. I only have to take one bottle with me to run bleachers with Essentia versus taking multiple bottles for Smart Water or any other brand.

Here is the marketing lesson.

The only reason I even looked at Essentia was because they had a red box on their bottle label with a pH number. I admit to this day that I have no idea if the pH is good or bad for me. All I know is that I get thirsty running, and I want good tasting water that I believe is good for me. Essentia was also smart enough to pay for ad space or put the right keywords in their Amazon ad to fool amazon and show up first when I searched for Smart Water. Interesting. Essentia wins.

I bought because they were first and had something unique about them (the red box) that gave the perception of credibility. I think it’s time to order some more water.

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