In my second contribution to SDB’s Marketing Chronicles I’m going to talk about the complete opposite of water. I’m going to give you my marketing experience of something fun, sharp, and damn scary. I’m going to tell you why I’m buying a new Corvette Z06.

You say the word, Corvette, and the term “mid-life crisis” usually gets thrown in there. I guess I qualify for mid-life, but hardly crisis. I like performance, and the capability of going fast if I need to. I’ve had the fast car before, a BMW M6. It by far was the most fun car I have ever owned. I drove the wheels off it. I liked it because it was inconspicuous. It drove like a Camry in town and a speed demon on the highway. Even with the maintenance being a bit ridiculous I’ve been considering buying another one. I’ll typically research a vehicle close to a year before buying.

The “Expert” Reviews

The ratings for the BMW M6 were “average”. In fact they were average enough that I considered the new M4. One problem kept coming up with my research. One vehicle owned the number one spot in every published rating for “top sports car” or “top luxury sports car”. The new Corvette stands alone at the top of every list. This was a real problem. I had zero interest in a Corvette. I also had zero interest in spending that kind of money on something I would regret.

Damn. I was going to have to find out what this new Corvette was all about. I did, and soon learned about the Z06 that would be for sale in early 2015. Forget anything else. 680hp on the Z06 made me blind to any other option. Do I need that kind of horsepower? No, not at all, but it sure could be fun. I dug into every resource available online. I compared the Z06 with BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, and even Ferrari for fun. I don’t know how, and I really don’t care, but Chevrolet has won the sports car battle. They’ve won on performance, amenities, price, and more importantly public opinion.

OUR Experience Helps YOU Find Success

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Would I have given the Z06 a chance if the BMW M6 had been rated higher? Probably not. I am very familiar with the M6, and I’ve already said it was my favorite car owned. Do I know or have any relationship with the “experts” who are writing reviews on these cars? No, but if it’s on the internet, it has to be true, right? I have allowed the opinions of “virtual strangers” to help me make my decision, and I’m completely confident with it. You really need to understand the importance of this with your business. Online reviews might be the first and only thing a potential customer believes about your business.

There still has to be some physical touching to make a decision like this. I didn’t just buy an M6 without driving one first. The problem with the Z06 is dealerships can’t just offer a test drive to every person who is interested in the car. Fortunately, one of my clients owns one, and one recent Sunday afternoon he handed the keys over to me for a Sunday afternoon drive. All the research and online reviews were more than legitimized by this experience. Everything about this car made my previously owned M6 inferior. It wasn’t even close. I came home and built the one I want online. Now all that is left is waiting for the right pre-owned one to show up. You really didn’t think that I’d take the depreciation on a brand new one after all that research, did you?

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