When you think of the Fourth of July you think hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, sun, pool, and fireworks! Well, at least I do! I love the Fourth! It’s just such an amazing holiday that we get to celebrate because of the great people who serve/have served, for our country.

Every year my family and I get together and we do our little cookouts and just have a good time. We all get our little families together and usually end up at my Dad’s house. Let me just tell you… my Dad’s burgers can hit anyone’s spot. For my birthday I even request burgers to be made. Yes, they are that good… and I dare you to try to get me to say that another burger is better. If you haven’t picked up on it already, I’m a foodie. So knowing that there will be tons of food for the Fourth of July means I’m game!

Stars, Stripes, Red Or Blue...

SDB will work for you!

Now, my absolute favorite part of this holiday would have to be the fireworks! I’m not real big on chemical reactions, and this and that mixing up to create this amazing thing that blows up in the sky, but as soon as fireworks start going off, I am like a little kid again. One year my parents took my sister and I to the Olympic Softball Games and all I can really remember are the amazing fireworks after the game was over. I know right? Going to an Olympic event, and all I can remember are the dang fireworks? Well, that’s my favorite thing! THAT is why I love the fourth of July. Fireworks! So, after we finish eating on those amazing burgers, we usually drive to the stadium and watch the fireworks display, FOR FREE!

So now that I’ve told you my favorite part of my Fourth of July, go grab your friends, hug your family, and thank the men and women who serve our country so we can have all the fun we want! Thanks Shaquela!


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