Yesterday, I told you a little bit about Facebook and how it “calculates” what content is shown. We ended with the fact that in order to be shown, content must give some type of value to the viewers – humor, knowledge, entertainment, etc.

But how can you develop this content?

I’m glad you asked. The one critical thing to remember when developing Facebook posts is to keep your posts “human.” Let me tell you what I mean by that.

People create a connection with your business when a relationship comes first. The process of building this relationship begins with connecting on a common, human, level. People are far more likely to create a connection when they relate to you.

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Typically this connection does not begin with business.


Yep, I said it. Despite what you may think, your Facebook business page should NOT be packed with content that is solely related to your business. Why? It’s not a “common level” that people will relate with.

When developing Facebook posts, connect with a human element first. Draw them in with something people relate to.

However, there is a secret to developing Facebook posts that have this human element (without overdoing the food pictures). Tomorrow, we’ll give you some specific post ideas and how they can be customized for your business.

So, once again, stay tuned for tomorrow!

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