Yesterday, I began giving you some post ideas for Facebook. But not for just any post, posts that your customers will actually see.

Remember, it’s all about creating Facebook content that people can relate to; not just content that is specific to your business.

Let’s continue today with some other post ideas!

5. Quizzes
Fun little quizzes are sure to catch the eye of your customers. These can be anything from a crossword puzzle, “caption this” images, math challenges, or even a fill in the blank sentence.

6. Blog Content
If you have a website, you should be posting blogs regularly (at least once a month at the very minimum). This blog content make for excellent Facebook posts! Plus, they can be shared over and over again with different captions. Score!

7. Throwbacks
When doing throwbacks, keep your target age demographic in mind. (If it’s 45-65, a Britany Spears reference might not do the trick.) Don’t forget, our goal when creating Facebook content is to be relatable!

8. Days of the week/month
You may find this hard to believe, but every day of the year has some type of theme. It may be as silly as “dress your pet up as a rockstar” day, but this could be the perfect day to celebrate if your a pet boutique owner! Find the calendar here.

9. Behind the scenes 
People love to see what goes on “behind the scenes.” So, if your company does a birthday lunch or volunteer day, feel free to share! This helps create a “human aspect” for your business.

10. Ask a question
People love a little attention. Put the spotlight on your fans by asking them to answer a question. It can be anything from something relevant in culture, to their next home improvement project.

As you can see, the important thing to remember when developing Facebook content is to remember the human element. Make your posts relate to your customers and they’re sure to see and share!

There are still more post ideas to come! See you tomorrow!
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