Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with our SDB Facebook Secrets Revealed series. But if not, we won’t judge you. Just catch up here.

We’re finishing up with some final tips for Facebook. Check it out!

11. Holidays

Anytime there’s a holiday, you should acknowledge it on your Facebook page. Share a holiday picture, quote, or other greeting either on the day or the day before a holiday. This helps to remind your fans that you’re a real person.

12. Feature A Fan

Like we’ve said before, people love attention. One of the best ways to give this attention is by featuring a fan. Either choose a person who has left a positive review on your page or someone who has recently posted on your page, asking a question or leaving comment. Feature this fan by addressing them directly by name and sharing the content that they posted. Be sure to answer their question or respond to their comment.

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13. Exclusive Offers

Along with attention, people love free stuff. I mean, who doesn’t? Try doing a contest with some sort of incentive (like my page and be entered for a chance to win movie tickets, share this post and win a spa day, etc.) Not only are you giving back to your fan base, but you’re also gaining exposure of your page! Can’t beat that.

Tip: Use an image to promote the exclusive offer. These are not only better for grabbing attention, but also for getting more shares!

Hopefully these tips for Facebook have helped you learn how to market your business on Facebook. You can always refer back to this series by following this link. However, if you’d like help getting started or have other questions, we are more than happy to help! Just contact us by submitting the form above!

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