All week, we’ve been busting SEO myths. If you’ve missed out, you can get caught up here.

You might even learn a think or two. (We did!)

You see, there’s a simple explanation of why there are so many SEO myths out there. SEO is a relatively complicated concept and there’s quite a bit that’s left in the dark. On top of that, the rules for SEO are constantly changing with Google’s algorithms. How can you be expected to not only keep up with the rules of SEO but to make sure your website passes the test?

Well, you don’t have to.

But before we tell you more, let us cover our last (but certainly not least!) SEO myth…

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SEO Myth#10

You can just hand off your SEO to the IT guy.

While yes, SEO is a bit technical, you most certainly cannot hand it off to IT. Nothing against your IT guy, I’m sure he is qualified…to do IT. SEO is simply not IT. You may need the help of IT when it comes to code or general technical questions, however, SEO is just not a job for IT.

So if you can’t give the job to IT, and you don’t want to keep up with the rules of SEO yourself, then who can you trust to take your site to the top?

The professionals at SDB of course!

We’re Google Adwords certified and actually enjoy keeping up with the rules of SEO.

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