My favorite marketing story of 2016 was easy to identify.  It is SDB Creative Group’s expansion to the Austin market with plans for offices in most of Texas’ major cities in the next five years.  It’s a big deal.  It’s great for us, but it’s even better for small to medium sized businesses in Texas.

Fair warning.  I’m going to spend the rest of this blog bragging on SDB.  If you’re a business owner, this is going to answer your question to why you should be doing business with us, so you’ll want to read further.

There are some excellent advertising agencies in every market.  But SDB is better.  We take our passion to a different degree for our clients.  There is no doubt that we want to create great advertising campaigns and creative content.  Where SDB Creative Group separates itself from the competition is understanding why we are creating great advertising campaigns.

We see ourselves as a partner to help our clients get what they want out of their business, their hopes and dreams.  That is what it is all about.  We have clients who are just starting, and we have clients who have been in business for decades.  We have clients who are building their business up to sell it one day, and we have clients who want to pass it down to their children.

We help our clients build long term strategies for their end game, the big picture.  This means we look at more than advertising media for them.  We look at how everything works in their business as if it were our own.  Is there any better way to tell your story than to know everything possible about you?

It is an exciting time at SDB.  The words above do not even scratch the surface of describing our commitment to our clients’ success.  We are all looking forward to another year of bringing their stories to you.

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