As we mentioned yesterday, SEO can get tricky. However, there are several SEO tech tips you can use to ensure your site is being indexed correctly. Take a look at the factors below!


If your site isn’t “crawlable” then it cannot be saved (indexed) by Google. What does that mean for you? Your site won’t rank. Try doing a quick SEO check using the Quix SEO check page. If it’s not green, then you have some problems to fix.

Canonical Links

If you have duplicate content on your site (pages with the same content), that could be hurting your chance to rank. To eliminate this problem, Google introduced the canonical link. A canonical link should be used if you have 2 pages with at least 95% of the same content. A canonical link will connect the duplicate page to the main page. The canonical linking tool is very powerful and easily misused, so use it wisely!

When It Comes To SEO...

…we've got you covered!


Breadcrumbs are what show the path people take when they click through your site. Using breadcrumbs help Google to understand your site structure and result in higher ranking results.

Site Speed

Tools to check your site speed do not always provide the same results. This is for several reasons, one of which being your physical location. To properly check your site speed, you need to use at least 3 different site speed tools. Some of our favorites are below.

  • Yslow
  • Pingdom Tools
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • WebPageTest

Using these SEO tech tips will help in improving your Google ranking. Questions? Contact us by submitting the form above!

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