All week, we’ve explained how to achieve SEO. From the basics to tech tips, we’ve touched on it all. Hopefully you have a better understanding of the importance of SEO.

After achieving SEO, it is important to “show off” your achievement in a little thing we like to call search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

By definition, search engine marketing is “the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.” (Thanks, Search Engine Land)

Search engine marketing involves 2 things: unpaid (SEO) results and paid results.

Here’s the simple truth: your site has to show up (high) on the first page of search engine results in order to gain traffic and visibility from search engines.

And in order to show up high on the first page, you not only want your site to be optimized organically for search engine results, but it is also helpful to supplement search engine results with paid ads. If you don’t already know, the paid ads that appear in search engine results are the first 3-5 listings at the top of the results page. They have a yellow square next to the URL. See below.

advertising on search engines

So while SEO is critical to the performance and overall visibility of your website, paid advertising can help to supplement your search engine marketing efforts. To find out what you should spend on search engines or how you should advertise, contact us by submitting the form below!

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