One of the largest issues I had with Inbound Marketing sales was people not understanding the value of the services. Yes, these clients understood they needed to have social media, and email, blah blah blah.

You pitch the entire Inbound Marketing strategy to them, and soon hear they can no longer are interested.

Here’s why:

  1. They either think they could do the job themselves
  2. They think that the budget is too high given they are already spending a fortune on Yellow Pages, Television, and Radio
  3. They simply do not understand the importance of being online

Here’s what’s wrong with situation one:

They can do the job themselves, or have someone on their team to run their “Inbound Program”. I am not saying they could not do it, but it is a lot more time consuming than one may think. From constant posting on social media to content creation every week the work can build up. You need someone who knows what they are doing and it work effectively.

Here’s more about scenario two:

Yes, some businesses may need to be included in the Yellow Pages but most likely NOT. When someone is looking up your business or services they will most likely reach for a Google search or something of that stature. Television and Radio are also included in a company’s large marketing budget. From here they should then research their ROI of standard marketing compared to what they would get if they moved their money into Inbound Marketing. You’ll gain a larger understanding of why Inbound is more important from here.

Number three:

Some just have a hard time understanding the concept of Inbound Marketing, and that’s ok. You know you need an online presence, but so does everyone else. That is where Inbound Marketing comes in, ensuring your company is the leader in your industry and found when your target market is looking.


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