Conquering the Sales Industry in a New Place

Moving to a new place, getting a new job, making new friends, learning your way around, can all make moving to a new place overwhelming. But what about trying to conquer the sales industry in a new place? No connections, nowhere to begin. How do you get someone to trust you if you are not a “local?” How do you make a name for yourself? How do you become successful in a new place?

Moving to a new place is hard. But finding success in the sales industry without existing contacts is harder.

How can you find success in the sales industry without existing contacts?

Keep it Local

I found that using my agency as my local connection helped tremendously. If I worked with the local company, how could they not trust me? People like to support local companies, they feel good about keeping their business local. There must be some unwritten rule about how trustworthy a local company is compared to a national company, especially in the sales industry. Making an appointment mentioning I was working with a local agency got me in the door measurably faster than if I had said I worked for some large corporation. Being able to meet them at their office seemed to make them feel at ease. Seeing their business and how it worked made me more “knowledgeable.” And signing a contract with me sitting there explaining it seemed to make the commitment less intimidating and in turn, has helped me build relationships with my clients.

Exceptional Customer Service

I find the most important way to make a name for yourself, especially in sales, is having amazing customer service. Making sure you follow up with all your clients, and see how they are doing can make a huge difference. Everything you can do to get a good, if not great, review in an attempt to form relationships with the people you work with. People want to work with people they feel comfortable with. In sales, it is important to get referrals. You want people to like you and the work you do so much that they want to send you to their friend. Write personal letters, send emails, give them a call. It is all about the personal connection. Get them to like you, do great work, and you will make a name for yourself.

Measuring Success

Success. I had a hard time with this because success can mean a multitude of different things. It could mean reaching the goals your new boss sets out for you, meeting sales quotas. It could mean making a new friend at work or finally paying off your credit card bill. But what is success to me? I think it is bringing something fresh to the table. Taking advantage of being an outsider can make someone think in a way they never have before, giving a new perspective on a sales approach.

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