Proud to be American Brand Loyal

When given the choice of purchasing an American-made product or one from abroad, 78% of Americans would choose to buy the American-made product. 85% of those would even be willing to pay more for something made in America. Why are Americans so brand loyal to specific brands that boast the American origin? Some stated because of economic purposes, while some believe they receive a better quality, even safer, product. Either way, Americans tend to be extremely brand loyal when it comes to buying their “homemade” products.

Deceptive patriotic packing tricks Americans into thinking they're being American brand loyal.

Some manufacturers use deceptive packaging to trick Americans into thinking they’re American brand loyal.

Deceptive Marketing

The nation’s recession has brought Americans to the realization that while they may be saving money by purchasing from abroad, they are compromising the manufacturing jobs of thousands of Americans. Of course, there are some businesses, such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser who devote their entire marketing plans around the red, white and blue, making it easier for Americans to choose to be brand loyal. But foreign companies have picked up on this buying habit, packaging their products in deceiving American flag packaging, or boasting the American name. Laws allow for patriotic symbols, even if the product isn’t American made, as long as the producer identifies where the product is made. Claims of origin, such as “made in the USA” or “made in America” can also be deceptive. While a “made in the USA” product could be assembled in America, the parts may be entirely from somewhere abroad. Can that really be claimed as American made? As one can see, it can be hard to be brand loyal when there are such deceptive marketing strategies in place. However, the intentions to be brand loyal are there, and it goes to show that most consumers rely on the packaging of a product as opposed to the product itself.

Creating Brand Loyal Customers

Creating brand loyal customers begins with the marketing strategies of that brand. Would you like to begin a marketing plan that creates brand loyal customers? A quality-marketing plan not only attracts new customers, but retains them as well. Download our 10 Ingredients for Successful Marketing eBook HERE or by clicking the image below.

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