Are you blogging yet? Today we’re going to focus on some great reasons to get blogging that can help you increase your credibility and web presence.

Reasons To Get Blogging #1

Marketing your business 30 years ago might have consisted of putting up a well-designed sign and a newspaper ad. With only a few mediums for advertising available, clients were not confronted with new messages every seven seconds like they are today. That being said, most of the advertising done in the 80’s was dry and boring. There wasn’t a need to be pushy or compete for the attention of clients.

Blogging is an excellent way to set yourself apart and establish your business as an expert in your field. Providing your customers valuable information that they look forward to receiving in the form of tips, how-to’s, and advice adds value to them and will make your company worthy of their precious time.

Write?! RIGHT!

Get Blogging Now With SDB.

Reasons To Get Blogging #2

Search Engine Optimization is complicated. Words like analytics, formulas, algorithms, and spiders are used to describe the process of moving your website up in the search engines. The main way to push your website up is the amount of content you have in combination with strategic key words can promote your business. We’ve all see those “kit” websites with everything placed on the home page…it can look sloppy and overdone. A blog is a great way to create content and add it in a way to streamline your site. This strategy works well for your business to help move you on up in the SEO game!

Reasons To Get Blogging #3

We are a personal, SOCIAL world. Be yourself, be informative, and be relevant. Showing your passion about your product or service can endear you to your readers…and being honest and personal with your customers shows them you care. Have fun, show your personality, and share real life stories. Relax! Just remember that most bloggers are not novelists.

Happy blogging!

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