So far, we’ve discussed several qualities of a good marketing agency. Starting with expertise, we moved on to digital relevance, and experience. Today, we’ll discuss another important quality to consider, testimonials.

Quality #4: Testimonials

A marketing agency worth having will have a collection of testimonials from their clients. It is in your best interest to know what other people think of the agency you’re considering and what they’re like to work with (from the eyes of a business owner). Ask the agency if the have either video footage testimonials or words from their clients that they can share with you (if they aren’t already on their website).

Another reason you want to find an agency with testimonials from their clients is because you should want that for your business, too. If an agency can provide testimonials for their business, then they see the value in them and would probably propose that you have them for your business as well. Knowing what “real life” people think of an agency (or your business for that matter) in a “real world” situation can really set you apart from your competitors.

At SDB, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Our goal is to make you look good, and we do a good job. Our clients think so too! Take a look at the testimonial section of our website. Don’t worry, we still have more qualities of a good marketing agency to cover in tomorrow’s blog! Stay tuned for #5!

If you’ve decided that we’re the agency that would work best for you business, we’d love to get to work! You can easily contact us by submitting the form below. One of our marketing experts will be in touch with you shortly. Still not convinced? Browse our portfolio or read more on why you should choose us.

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