In this week’s blog series, we are covering the qualities of a good marketing agency and what you should look for when you’re hiring one. Yesterday, we discussed the importance of subject matter expertise and how it’s necessary in order for an agency to deliver effective marketing results. What’s next?

Quality #2: Digital Relevance

If you’re considering hiring a marketing agency, more than likely, you’re looking for a long-term partner for your business. Not one that will be irrelevant within 3 years (if not less). For that reason, you must look for the quality of digital relevance when hiring a marketing agency. Qualities of a good marketing agency are not limited to just having a Facebook page, however. Digital relevance needs to be an entire culture for the agency you’re considering. Why? Because that is exactly what you will want for your business. And why hire an agency that doesn’t practice what they preach?

Look for an agency that not only has a dominant presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.) but also comes up on the first page when you search for their marketing services. That means their website is optimized for search engine results, which is something you want for your own business. Additionally, visit their website. Is it appealing? Is it easy to navigate? Check out their blog section. One of the qualities of a good marketing agency is a current, relevant blog. Any agency worth having will be publishing a blog at least once a week.

These factors of digital relevance are of utmost importance when looking for a marketing agency. You want all of these factors for your own business to be considered relevant in society, so you should be sure the marketing agency you’re working with goes above and beyond the digital realm. At SDB, we see the value of digital marketing. Not only do we see the value, we fully implement digital marketing in our own marketing and advertising. See for yourself. Follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. Go ahead and check out our blogs, too. You’ll see we publish one every day. Oh and our website? It’s pretty awesome too. Take a look.

When you’ve decided that we are the marketing agency you want to work with, give us a call! Or, you can submit the form below! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog, Qualities Of A Good Marketing Agency: #3.

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