Believe it or not, the idea of a traditional mailed invitation will soon be a thing of the past.

Seriously. Give it another 5-10 years, and it will be a rarity.


It’s due to the world we live in. People spend much more time in their “online worlds” than going though mail or putting invitations on their refrigerator like in the good ‘ol days. Even when people put the invitation on their refrigerator, it’s a risk remembering the actual event (unless you set a reminder on your phone).

By no means am I saying this method is a lost form of invitation or a “thing of the past” (yet). But, I AM saying that, as a business you can take advantage of this change in culture. How? Read on.

Online Event Sharing

If your business is having any type of event (anything from an open house or trunk show to a staff meeting) why not share it where people will see it? Yep. Online. You can easily create an event on Facebook by finding the “more” section, selecting “events” and choosing “create.” You can add invitees, event info, and even a cover photo! Anyone who is invited is then notified of the event and can RSVP. Not only this, but if the person has their calendar and Facebook synced (most people do), the event will automatically be added to the person’s mobile calendar.


In addition to event sharing on Facebook, you can also send an email to a specific list you’ve created for the event using a service like Mail Chimp or eVite. Think of this email as kind of like the invitation on your refrigerator. People tend to keep an email in their inbox to remind them of an upcoming task or event.

Even better? Online event sharing is significantly cheaper that direct mail distribution (or a cheap supplement to direct mail distribution). So, in essence, you could potentially save money and get a better turnout at your event. Score!

In Summary

To summarize, it is best to accommodate your consumer (or in this case, your invitees), especially when you want them to show up to your event. So, try event sharing online using popular platforms like Facebook. You’ll thank us later.

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