This week’s series is ever exciting as we jot down what we do to stay on top of our workload. Warning: I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to making a schedule, having a routine, and making sure my work is done. However, as much of an organization monster I am, sometimes I need a reminder of what it takes to have a truly productive day at work. So for my part of the series, I chose to discuss my checklist for a productive day at work.

Keep A Consistent Routine

I don’t know about you, but I am a creature of habit and tend to get off track when my routine changes. It’d be naïve of me to expect the same thing everyday especially in marketing and advertising, but a structure and sense of routine always helps me stay on track.

Here’s a little example of what I mean by routine: When I get into the office I enjoy first making a cup of coffee, checking my email, and then I begin making my to do list of prioritized and clearly defined tasks for that particular day.

Organize Your Work Station

If I am surrounded by chaos and clutter, that’s exactly how my mind feels: chaotic and cluttered. Sitting in front of my computer, I make sure everything around me is in its proper place, from my water bottle to the items on desktop screen. Having a clean, orderly environment helps me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand.

Is your desk a disaster? Do you really need to keep that calendar from 2 years ago?

Tip: Arrive early or stay a little later to get your desk prepped and ready for a productive day. Taking time aside from work hours will allow you the time it takes to get and stay organized.

Productive Days At Work?

It's possible, with our tips!

Rid Yourself Of Distractions

With social media and funny videos just a click away, it’s sometimes tough to stay focused. To rid yourself of distractions, you have to practice discipline. To stay focused, I set my phone aside, work on my tasks and allow myself one break every hour to walk around, check my phone, and then get back to work. Taking breaks and getting fresh air is necessary, but distractions are everywhere, so be prepared!

Tip: Save something you have looked forward to for the end of your workday. Doing this always makes me work hard to complete my tasks and finish strong. For example: Make reservations at a new restaurant you want to try and have that to look forward to!

Turn On The Tunes

Speaking of distractions…Some people find music distracting to their workflow, but I have found just the opposite. When I listen to music while working I get into a working and writing groove that is hard to stop. I always make sure to keep the volume low not to distract others, but nothing makes work more fun and productive for me than a little 90s throwback. Bye Bye Bye…

Tip: If you find that music is distracting to you: don’t give up hope. You too can get your work done while getting your jam on. Try classical music with no words! When I’m feeling a change in my usual playlist, my go to is scores of my favorite movies like Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean! Preferably not JAWS, because who could focus through that?

Real Talk

Let’s be real: some days are just more productive than others, but rest assured with these tips you can make every day at the office a successful and productive one. Try this checklist out for yourself and you’ll be able to tailor it to exactly what works for you! Happy productivity everyone!


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