Milton Friedman is quoted that, “Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned.” There is an extensive amount of truth in that statement. The same can be said for a business owner wronged. However, with today’s easy access to the public via social media, it’s easier to make one’s opinions known. Today, we’re sharing some pro tips for political and business social media…and how to navigate them during times of high stress. And if we’re talking frankly here, these tips are great for your personal social media, too.

Pro Tips For Political And Business Social Media

Think of this as the five commandment of professional social media interactions. Thou shall:

  1. Not make it personal.
  2. Not post things during times of high emotion.
  3. Provide accurate information.
  4. Exercise patience and thoughtfulness.
  5. Invest in (meaningful) interaction with followers.

While I realize there are Ten Commandments, five seemed to do justice to what we need to go over.

Don’t Make It Personal

Politically and professionally (and if we’re being honest, in every day life), it’s easy to take someone’s words to heart. However, many people hide behind computer screen to bait people into commentary battles. This isn’t an efficient use of your time…put that energy into the campaign or business.

Don’t Post When Emotions Run High

When you experience something which sparks a lot of emotion, social media creates a perfect platform to share. Whether you’re feeling, angry, indignant, or simply frustrated, it’s a good rule of thumb to stay away from the “send” button until those emotions have settled.

Be Truthful

Recently, several news outlets have picked up on stories about “fake news” online. In fact, Snopes, a website that debunks urban legends, has an entire section devoted to fake news stories. Before posting, exercise caution. Many of these stories have caused incendiary and almost volatile responses. As politicians and/or business owners, it’s a responsibility to avoid sharing those types of articles.

Be Patient And Deliberate

Have you ever received a text message that confused you? Perhaps your read its tone differently than the author intended? It’s very easy to misunderstand context. Social media is very much the same. It’s important to post information that is well-thought and researched.

Interact With People Who Follow You

Whether in government or the private sector, your followers look to you as an authority on your subject. Your social media interaction with followers has to maintain a level of professionalism and experience afforded by your position as a community leader. It’s important to respectfully interact with followers, and to identify those simply looking for a reaction.

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: That Is The Question

During the election, each candidate received significant backlash over their campaign’s use of social media. Politicians are celebrities, of sorts. Therefore, their lives, actions, and (yep) opinions become more visible than the average Joe. However, it’s important to remember than, in any position of power and prestige, comes an even greater responsibility.

As we’ve said in the past, once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever. This includes social media. Screenshots, server backups, and other sources provide documented evidence of social media. If it’s offensive, inflammatory, or just plain mean, don’t post it. It’s as simple as that.

Manage Your Reputation With Ease

SDB Creative Group has extensive experience working with community leaders in managing their reputations. We work with many different clients with varying degrees of visibility. We work with those clients to ensure that social media, blogs, and customer interaction is well-researched, respectful, and truthful. If you’re interested in hearing more about our reputation management services, send us a message today.

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