Ahh, you’ve made it to the last bit of marketing advice we have to give you. All from the president himself. Hopefully, over the week, you’ve gained some insight into the world of marketing.

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Q: Why do you see a value in providing advertising services?

A: “I see a tremendous value in how SDB provides advertising services. And the reason why is because we are able to look at the big picture for our clients. We are able to take their goals and objectives, their resources that they have to meet those, and find the perfect fit for them. We aren’t tied to one single thing that we have to sell. We have access to everything, whether it’s internet, TV, emailing, billboards, whatever the absolute best fit for our client is, we are able to research it, research them, and execute it. We can give them a completely unbiased opinion in what we recommend for them. I think that is a tremendous value because if they are dealing with one company selling one type of media, that company’s interest is selling that media. Our focus is selling our customer. THAT is why we bring value to the table.”

Q: What’s the worst marketing mistake someone could make?

A: “There are a lot out there. The biggest one is that they buy what they like. Just because they like something, or they engage with something does not mean their customers do. They think they have a great idea. Well, everyone is going to be partial to their own business. Just because you think it’s a great idea, doesn’t mean that everyone is going to like it. I’ve seen some horrible commercials. And when I do, I think, ‘that person thought that would be really funny and it was stupid.’ The other thing is not doing anything or letting something grow into something it needs to be. They give up after just a couple of weeks because their doors aren’t being knocked down by new customers. Give it awhile to grow into what it can be. Everyone is going to make marketing mistakes, we’re human. Learn from those mistakes and don’t let that give you a reason to quit. Keep moving forward, find what works.”

Q: If you would make one recommendation for overall marketing success, what would it be?

A: “Know who your customers are and make your marketing about them, not you. They are the ones who are going to be buying. Identify with them, tell them what they want to hear, show them you understand their problem and how you have the solution for them. Don’t beat your chest like a gorilla. Talk about them, everything from their point of view, not yours.”

Q: The overall secret to marketing success?

A: “Keep it simple and make it all about the buyer, not the company. That’s it. They don’t need to know every little detail about you. There is a lot of competition you have trying to get their attention. If you complicate it with a complex message, you’re going to lose them. Keep your messages simple and keep it about them.”

There you have it, marketing advice from the best. For more help with your marketing efforts, contact us! 


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