At some point or another, we’re sure you’ve WANTED to begin a marketing program. Your intentions were good, but your follow-through? Not so good…

At SDB, we understand. You have all the right intentions of implementing a (successful) marketing program, but who has the time? You’re a busy business owner!

We feel like this advice will help. Read on.

Q: What is the first step in beginning a marketing program?

A: “You have to clearly identify realistic goals and expectations. Pepsi wants to take on Coca Cola, but HEB Cola will never be in that ballgame. It’s one thing to want to be the best in the world. You have to clearly know what your place is on the marketing mountain and then you have to be able to develop reasonable goals and objectives to either get you to the place you want to be in or keep your current position. Without that, or without having any idea of that, you might as well just stop.”

Q: How do I set goals for my marketing efforts?

A: “To set goals for your marketing requires you to be able to ask and answer (very honestly) questions about your business, your competition, your customers, your products or services, and any type of change coming into the environment. It requires you to be entirely unbiased in answering those questions about your business. If you cannot do that, you need to bring in someone from the outside so they can tell you like it is.”

Q: What is the most important part of implementing a marketing program?

A: “To stick with it. If it’s a good, solid marketing program that means there’s been a lot of research, a lot of development on the goals and objectives. You have a good sense of your customers, your message is good, and the media you choose to communicate that message is good, and now the time comes to where you execute it and you give it time to work. You plant a seed in the ground, the plant doesn’t spring up overnight. It takes a while to get water and be nurtured. Your marketing program is the same way. You have to let it grow and mature and you have to give people the opportunity to absorb it and to receive it. You think about our society today, everyone is receiving well over 35,000 messages a day. There’s so much clutter out there, from text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, billboards, radio, TV, cars, buses, just putting messages out. We are more distracted that we have ever been. And for you to expect that people are going to see your message one time and jump on it…it’s a little ridiculous. Give it time to mature. While it’s maturing, you still want to evaluate it, monitor it, and see how it progresses.”

Q: How do you measure the success of a marketing program?

A: “The success of a marketing program is measured on whether or not it reached the goals and objectives that were set before you started it. It’s as simple as that. With most companies, a lot of those goals and objectives are tied to their bottom line. Did our business grow by X percent or not? Sometimes there’s different objectives. But, if you don’t have reasonable goals set, written down, for you to keep score on, you’re never going to know. That’s why it happens at the beginning of the process. Before that plan is executed that’s all reviewed again and you make sure that you’re comfortable with those goals. That’s how you know.”

Yeah, but…

So that advice may help you understand how to begin a marketing program, but that doesn’t solve your issue of time. And guess what? You will only see success from your marketing program if you can consistently implement, manage and monitor that program. BUT WAIT.

There’s good news.

That’s what WE do FOR you. We give you back your time. We make you look good. We make you money. Get started today by submitting the form below. One of our marketing professionals will contact you to learn a little more about how we can help you!

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