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You’re officially “in the running”…but now what? How can you attract voters? Easy. Your voters are online, so that’s where you need to be too! But when you’re “googled,” where do you show up? Learn how to get at the top of search engine results with the rules of political campaign SEO!

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Get to the top of search engine results with the rules of political campaign SEO!

Marketing yourself is critical to success at the polls. Get to the top with these rules of political campaign SEO!

The Rules of Political Campaign SEO:

1. Start A Blog-Create a blog and publish content at least once a week.
2. Use Facebook…correctly-As a candidate, you should use a Fan Page, not a personal page (mainly for the purpose of being found on search engine results).
3. Utilize Google Plus-Google (the most popular search engine) has openly claimed to give preferential treatment to posts in Google Plus (you always favor your own, right?).
4. Create A YouTube channel-Another family tie…YouTube is owned by Google, meaning preferential treatment is again involved. YouTube content is also not as competitive as published content, so the chances to rank higher in search engine results is greater.
5. Grow Your Following-Add your Twitter handle to your email signature, tweet often (4-6 times/day), and use software to gain a larger Twitter following.
6. Connect On Twitter-Retweet or mention political influencers. The more communication you have with them, the higher your SEO ranking.
7. Get Your Own Wikipedia Page-Wikipedia pages are often one of the first things you see under search engine results. Have a professional write for your page, it almost always sounds better.
8. Social Sharing-Include easy-to-see social sharing icons on your website, directing visitors to your social media profiles.
9. Communicate With Your Followers-Engage with the people who follow you. Not only does this increase your SEO, but it increases the relationship with your fans.
10. Maintenance Is Key-Stay consistent with your SEO efforts and track the progress. Make changes as necessary and most importantly, don’t give up.

These rules of political campaign SEO can get you the exposure you want, and the exposure you need to win your political position. If you’d like a checklist of these rules in a downloadable format, click HERE or on the image below. Good luck at the polls!

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