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Alright, let’s continue our steps on how to plan a media buy. Here’s a quick review of what we covered yesterday: 1. Know and stay within your budget 2. Define clear expectations based on ROI 3. Research your target market 4. Compare apples to apples. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s continue to step 5! (For a copy of this checklist, click HERE or on the image below!)


5. Only Consider Media That Will Be Viewed Live

A little machine called the DVR has caused a lot of problems for TV and Cable advertisers. Satellite radio has made a significant, negative impact on local radio advertising. The internet has also significantly changed the way we consume video and audio content, and it has all but wiped out newspapers. I’m not even going to talk about yellow pages. You have no business wasting money there. Buy media that your buyers are using, not media they used to use.

6. Stay Away From Contracts Longer Than 13 Weeks

You need to stay with whatever media you choose for at least thirteen weeks before making a change. This is enough time for you to build awareness and make a proper evaluation of its performance. Most companies prefer an annual contract. That is not a bad option if you have tested that media, know it performs well, and they offer a significant annual discount. Make sure you have an out if you need it.

How to plan a media buy: part 2!

Let’s continue from yesterday on how to plan a media buy!

7. Commit To a Long Term Campaign

A jet uses all its engines for takeoff, but once in the air it can run on one if it has to. If you stop and start often, you are wasting valuable resources. If you are going to buy media, you should be committed to continuously running for at least a year. Don’t confuse this with the above recommendation of avoiding long term contracts. Keep your contracts flexible, but commit internally to a long term campaign.

8. Make Sure You Have High Reach and Frequency

Reach and frequency go together. Your campaign should have a high combination of both. The media outlet you are considering should be able to provide you both reach and frequency numbers for your campaign.

Let Us Help!

There are a couple of other free downloads that will help you, the Media Planning Worksheet, and How To Negotiate Media Buys eBook. It is suggested your read and use those before starting your media buying experience. When you start to feel overwhelmed, SDB is just a call or click away to help! View these downloads on our website HERE!

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