When SDB trains clients on their social media campaigns, they seem surprised they have to set up yet another calendar.  A content calendar is an important tool, but a simple one.  What should you include?

Who’s going to post? Unless you’re a solo operation, make sure your content calendar specifies who is writing what & posting what.

Here are 5 tips to consider while planning your content calendar:

1. Where are you posting? In your planning it’s best to tailor your social media posts to specific networks rather than the exact same content on all platforms. Instagram and Twitter are very different platforms with different objectives, from Facebook & Google+ —so make sure your editorial calendar specifies the platform for which each post is intended.

2. When are you posting? It’s just as important to specify not only the date you’ll be posting your content, but the time as well. Research your analytics and plan around the days of the week & hours when your audience is online.

3. Does your content line up with existing marketing efforts? Just be having a content calendar will assure your social media content is aligned with other areas.

4. How will you categorize your posts? Include thought on helpful hashtags

5. Plan the process: When will it be written, what secondary content might you need (link back to another post, an offer to include and more)

The second most important thing to remember: your calendar is a blueprint, and something that can and should be revised as needs arise. It will keep your social media campaigns running and decrease the likelyhood your efforts will be abandoned sure to “time”. Craft a strong editorial calendar now, and your social media marketing endeavors will run much more efficiently.

Get started with our Blog Content Calendar HERE or by clicking on the image below.

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