Pinterest makes the first step towards building a scalable business in 2015.

On January 1, Pinterest started selling ads on the site to marketers, and early results look promising: “Brand advertisers see Promoted Pins “re-pinned,” or shared by users, an average of 11 times per advertisement. That means that every ad will be seen, on average, by 30 percent more people than the brand paid to show it to because users have shared the ad with friends. Pinterest’s whole idea behind their advertising move is to provide advertisements that users not only enjoy, but enjoy enough to share with their friends.

Right People, Right Content, Right Time

That’s the difference in Pinterest’s advertising strategy, as opposed to other popular social media platforms, “introducing people to new experiences and new things to buy.” Right people, right content, right time. Dana Shank, an associate director at Kraft Foods (who plans to begin advertising on Pinterest) states, “To be on a platform where people are actively looking for that content? That’s invaluable to us.”

Given that the nature of the activity on Pinterest is commercial, Pinterest advertising has a lot of potential. However, you won’t see small businesses advertise on Pinterest, yet. “Pinterest is focused on big brands with deep pockets — especially those that offer products that may not seem to be as natural a fit for Facebook or Twitter.”

Pinterest has hit the nail on the head with this advertising strategy. People want to see content relevant to them, which is also the concept behind inbound marketing (a.k.a. “marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer”). Giving people what they want, when they want it, where they want it. THAT is how marketing is done.

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