The Power of Pinterest

Since its’ launch in 2012, Pinterest became the second highest referrer of traffic to websites (behind Facebook), surpassed 10 million users faster than any other stand-alone site in history and outstripped the traffic of LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+…combined. Without a doubt, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool given its’ popularity with consumers. But as a business, how can you use Pinterest?

What Is It?

First off, what is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual collection of “pinboards,” where users pin various images from the web. Like all other social media, users develop a following and find “pinners” to follow. Pinterest users can like, comment, re-pin and directly send pins. Given the “visual inclination” of our world today, Pinterest is a tool that should be utilized by most businesses. Below are 4 easy steps that will help your business have pinboards worth following.

Pinterest-open for business!

How can you use Pinterest for your business?

4 Steps For Pinning Success:

Create-Make a business profile and use your logo as the profile picture. Set up an account by visiting the Pinterest site and click on “get started.” You’ll add your company name, contact info, interests, etc. When adding a description of your company, use keywords (words that describe the focus(es) of your business). Creating an account is probably the most difficult part of Pinterest and even that part is as easy as a re-pin (Pinterest lingo).

Build-Now it’s time for the fun part, building your boards! Start by brainstorming various ideas that reflect your business (not JUST your products/services, but boards that would be attractive to your client). Again, include key words in your board names, because boards are searchable! When building boards, think as a consumer. What would you be searching/interested in before buying a product or service your business is selling? For example, say you have an interior design studio. Maybe create boards for home architecture and gardening tips (aside from your own niche, i.e., furniture, fabrics, paint colors, etc.)? After building your boards, find individual pins that fit under those boards. You can either explore for new pins online, or re-pin from other users! The world of Pinterest is yours.

Integrate-Add Pinterest sharing buttons to your blogs, website pages, anything and everything! Once you get your Pinterest up and running, post to your other social media what your handle is and have them follow you! Chances are the majority of your customers are on Pinterest. Link your Twitter to your Pinterest account and you can easily “tweet” your latest pin. Pinterest will only link Facebook to a personal Facebook page, so Twitter is the best site to link your account to. Add your website as a link from an image you pin (if you aren’t already pinning it from your website). The more traffic you can bring to your website, the better!

Be Social-Especially if you are following your customers, be sure to like, comment and re-pin pins. Chances are you’ll give them a sense of value and credibility by doing something as simple as re-pinning one of their pins (crazy, but true). Make your customers feel loved and they’ll return the favor.

Create A Presence

Pinterest is just one of the many social media tools available today. And if you’re a small business, it’s silly to not utilize every single one. That’s where your customers are, so make your presence known! If you would like to know how you can start your own social media campaign or analyze your existing social media, request your social media analysis today by clicking HERE or the image below. It’s FREE! Doesn’t get better than that! Talk to you soon!

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