I know, I know…you’ve been clinging to the edge of your seat in anticipation of my made-up sequel to the “create your own website” commercial I saw.

If you don’t have the slightest clue what I’m talking about, then you should probably check out “Create Your Own Website”: Part One.

I believe we ended with the man who wanted to create his own website being frustrated by the fact that he had spent a lot of time on his website and it didn’t work. It didn’t show up on search engine results and it didn’t even look right on his phone! The “create your own website” company was generous enough to fix it for him…for a price.

So, at this point, the innocent man (I didn’t even give him a name…how rude! This man has been through so much. We’ll name him Rick.) who was trying to take the cheap way out was now paying the company a fee to fix his website. Additionally, the website Rick created required monthly management…which he also hired the company to do. On top of those fees Rick was paying this “generous” company, he could never get in contact with them. You see, they are actually based out of Canada, and Rick lives in California. Not exactly convenient…

Don't Fall For The Schemes!

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So, Rick gives up. He throws in the towel. He decides whatever he is paying the company is “good enough” and he just assumes he has a functioning website out there…somewhere.

Ahhh…and this is how it typically words. This is how “create your own website for free” companies make money.

So don’t let it happen! At this point, Rick has not only wasted his own time and effort creating a website that 1. he isn’t happy with and 2. doesn’t work, but he has also wasted his money on an ineffective marketing investment.

Our advice? Do NOT let those “create your own website” ads reel you in. They will end up wasting your time and money.

Instead, call SDB Creative Group. We are website design professionals who want to give you not only an awesome website that is fully functional and shows up in search engine results, but a website that you are proud to say represents your business.

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