Our “Insta” Society And Your Marketing

Instagram, Instacart, Instapay…we live in the society of “Insta.”

While some would say the root cause of our “Insta society” is lack of time, love of ease, or even laziness, I choose to believe it’s due to a relatively new concept that’s sweeping our society. A concept that is literally changing our lives before our very eyes.

Instant Gratification

I think most would agree that the concept of instant gratification, while not entirely new, is more prominent today than it’s ever been before. For example, I’m not going to order anything online that isn’t on Amazon Prime. Whenever I had my groceries delivered to my home, I wondered why I had to wait until that evening to receive them when I was placing my order in the morning. I become enraged when I finish a series on Netflix and don’t have more episodes to watch to give me closure.

Thanks a lot, Bloodline.

Call me lazy, call me impatient, call me a millennial, but the truth is this: our society is one that is used to having what when want, when we want it.

Insta Marketing

Cue “insta marketing.” Is your marketing built to be “on demand.” What I mean by that is this: does your marketing deliver to your customers when they want it? When they search for your business or service, do they find you?

If so, that’s awesome. You’ve adapted to the change in our society brought on by our love of “insta.” 

If not, call us today. You see, this insta marketing isn’t a fad. It isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s only going to become more and more apparent in our society. You have a choice. Get left behind and become irrelevant or get on board and find success. It’s up to you.

But if you’re looking for a partner to make it all possible, you’re in luck. The team behind your marketing dreams is just a click away.

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