As I said yesterday, if you’ve ever considered digital marketing, now is the time. Because there’s no time like the present, right?

Despite predictions from the past, search advertising is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. In fact, it is only growing in its importance. Think about it. When you need something, where do you go? Online!

There’s a reason the word “Google” is now a term in the dictionary.

There are several things you can do this year to optimize your search campaign. Have a look!

1. Set Measurable Goals

Determine broad goals before beginning or redesigning a campaign. The larger picture will determine which facets of search advertising are most essential for your needs.

2. Stay Active in Keyword Research

Adapt your keyword strategy with market trends. Keywords change in their popularity and effectiveness, and they may also fluctuate in cost, so you may need to change your strategy with ongoing research.

Search Advertising Is Here To Stay.

Where do you rank?

3. Invest in Quality Landing Pages

Any links in search results will need high-quality landing pages closely associated to each keyword. Never rely on your home page or general service page for outbound links from paid ads.

4. Use Both Paid and Organic Search

Successful campaigns use both paid and organic search methods. Paid search is most visible, but organic search is viewed as more trustworthy.

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