How Important Are Online Reviews?

The short answer is very important.  Nielsen research suggests that consumers trust the opinions of virtual strangers online reviews more than traditional advertising.  Think about your own behavior.  Have you ever completely ignored a review on a product or company if it is available?  Right before making that final decision to add a product to the shopping cart did you check the reviews to see why it only had four stars instead of five?  Did you completely ignore the products with less than three stars?  Probably not.

Why Are Online Reviews Important To Us?

Simple.  Consumers want to believe they are making a good decision.  The days of being sold an item are over thanks to the internet.  Just about every bit of information on products, services, and companies is available to you online.  Consumers are able to research and justify their buying decision.  Consumers buy based on what information they are able to find.  Online reviews are the icing on the cake.

They are the sweet, positive affirmation of their decision, or the flashing red warning that more research needs to be done before buying.  Online reviews allow us to share the positive and negative experiences of others without the risk of loss.

Find out how to give a Google review!

How important are online reviews to your business?

What About Negative Online Reviews?

Nearly every business owner I have talked with shares the opinion that most people only really want to give an online review if they are unhappy.  They are more right than wrong about this.  Happy customers are certainly willing to give you a positive review.  They just may not think about it as much as someone who is unhappy.  If you are happy, the motivation to change is at an extremely different level than it is if you are unhappy.  Unhappy customers want change, and often they get it by posting a negative review.  It makes them feel like they have “gotten even”.  It’s probably going to happen to you.  No one is perfect.  It sure makes life easier when you have a negative review if you have several positive ones to balance it out.

Getting Positive Online Reviews

This is very simple, and it’s a great customer service tool as well.  Ask for a positive review.  When you know you have a customer who has had a great buying experience just ask them.  Let them know why you need a positive review.  You could say something like, “Positive reviews are extremely helpful in growing our business.  I would greatly appreciate you doing this for us.  Please give us one if you are “5 star happy”, and if  you are not “5 star happy”, let me know what we need to do.”

So right there you have asked for a review, and you have made sure by asking if they are “5 star happy” that they have had the best experience possible.  If they haven’t, you are able to find out why right away and make them “5 star happy”.  Pretty cool.

Some customers may need some directions on how to write an online review.  We have already done all the work for you.  Click the image below and you can download for free a page you can customize for your business and print out with instructions on giving an online review. Click HERE or on the image below to begin your download.  Have fun!





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