Airports are never the most pleasant of places…

They always seem better when you’re on your way to a vacation, but so dreadful when you’re on the way back.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, I’ve recently returned from a trip to Greece. The trip itself was as incredible as you might expect it to be, but something – very unexpected – was incredible, too.

The Athens Airport

Yes, you read that correctly. The airport in Athens, Greece is by far the best I’ve ever traveled through. In fact, it resembles more of beautiful shopping mall with elegant shops and delightful restaurants than an airport. Several times I had to remind myself that I was even in an airport.

Something I happened to notice through this dream of an airport is strategically placed “rating machines” that I’ve never seen before. By “rating machines,” I mean these nifty little things (see photo below):

Isn’t that nifty?

Quality Controlled By Your Consumers

Placed in the restrooms (which were impeccably clean) and the shopping areas (fully stocked with attentive staff and brilliantly organized shelves and product placements), these machines made it extremely easy to rate the service/experience you were receiving. If you were happy, you could easily click the green happy face. Not so happy? The red frowning face was just as easy to select. What an excellent way to maintain quality control through the eyes of your consumer.

As you may know, online reviews are the digital version of these rating machines. When someone is considering doing business with someone (home service companies, restaurants, professional services, etc.), they’re highly likely to check out the reviews online. The higher the star rating, the more likely a person is to choose you for their services. However, clients often say that getting online reviews is hard because 1) people are busy and 2) it’s not always easy to find out how to leave a review.

So what’s a person to do?

Introducing the digital version of the airport rating machine!

At SDB, we offer an amazing service to our clients called Real Time Reviews. This service makes it so easy to ask your customer to leave a review. It’s as simple as asking for their phone number. Once you, the business, receive the phone number of your client, you simply enter their name, followed by their number and click submit. This then sends them a text message with a link to leave a review. The customer just has to follow the link and select which platform they’d like to leave a review on (the business sets which platforms their on once they sign up to use Real Time Reviews). Real Time Reviews even automatically sets a 5 star rating! The client just has to leave a comment (only if they want to), and click post.

That’s it.

It couldn’t be any easier to leave a review with Real Time Reviews. What about the not so happy customers? Hey, it happens. With Real Time Reviews, when the consumer receives the review link from you, they can opt to “not recommend” you instead. If this happens, the business then receives a private – not public – message. You can then respond to this consumer outside of a public forum.

How easy, right? Contact SDB today to find out more! We’re here to help you look good online.

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