In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about how crucially important it is for your business to maintain a strong and positive online reputation.

Parents Know Best

When I was around 16 years old, I joined the Facebook world, unbeknownst to my parents. It’s not that I lied to them, I just knew what they had already told me. Your picture should not be on the Internet. There are a lot of creeps out there. You didn’t put your age out there did you!?

All of these statements at the time seemed ridiculous to me. One statement they said stood out to me though was this: Once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever. They could not have been more right.

Your Company’s Online Reputation: It’s Personal Too

Your company’s online usage is crucially important to your brand’s reputation, and your personal usage and employee usage is equally important. It goes both ways. Most consumers would not use a product from a company who had a poor online reputation, but they also would most likely not use a product from a company whose employee had a bad online reputation either.

Where Companies Have Messed Up

One of the main culprits:Twitter. That little blue bird has seen many celebrities, politicians, and companies crash and burn their reputation to the ground…in 140 characters or less, of course. The wise words of my parents can be heard here again. It’s there forever.  Sure, anyone can take down a tweet or post, but odds are if it was a big enough flop, someone somewhere has screen grabbed your mistake, and is ready to take you down.

Another places companies may be susceptible to bad behavior? Review platforms. Ever seen a company squabble with consumers? Not a good idea. The customer is always right. Let me repeat that: the customer is ALWAYS right, even when they’re wrong. No small argument over service is worth the reputation of your company.

How You Can Build

Be alert. Respond to customer needs. Post good deeds. Engage with your audience! Stay off social media late at night! I could go on forever… so I will leave you with this: Be socially responsible, and you will earn a solid online reputation.


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