Online presence says a lot about a business. Just like with any industry or organization, online marketing is vital for nonprofit organizations. Take a look at this list of activities to guide you through optimizing an online marketing campaign for a non-profit organization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are several things to keep in mind when optimizing online marketing for search engines. Use keyword tools available online to compile a list of keywords, relevant to your target market and what they may be searching to find you. Use these keywords to optimize the content you create for your website (blog posts, PDFs, press releases, videos, etc.) Be sure to use alt tags on the images you use on your website, using keywords in the description of the image.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

As a non-profit organization, you can apply for a Google for Nonprofits Grant and receive up to $10K/month to use for Google advertising programs. Focus your PPC campaigns on long-tail keywords (lower search volume leads to better targeting and higher likelihood of conversion). Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases instead of words, for example: “how to donate to the Red Cross”, instead of “donation.” Create landing pages on your website to direct your PPC ads to, enabling searchers to have a clear call to action. Create ad groups for your PPC campaign, grouping similar keywords together (donating, events, volunteer, etc.) Track all your PPC efforts through Google Analytics and optimize as necessary.


When sending emails to your email list, create a compelling subject lines. Keep it short, but communicate a benefit. Remember, a subject line can be the determining factor to whether someone opens your email. Research when the best time to send your email is, depending on your target demographic and send accordingly. Make your email easy to read. Utilize headings, bullets, and bold font to make your email easily scannable and communicate a clear purpose/call to action. Don’t include more than one or two images. Images add to the size and dimension, which could lead to an immediate delete.

Social Media

Think about where your supporters are, based on gender and age. Think outside the box of Facebook and Twitter. Consider utilizing Instagram and Pinterest. Find where your supporters are engaging and gain a dominant presence. Use photos to increase engagement with visual appeal. Photos and images are typically easier to “share”, gaining following, interaction, and engagement. Integrate between social media platforms, not just in online marketing, but include social media icons on any printed materials as well. To supplement your online marketing on social media, consider using social media ads. Facebook ads are highly effective through targeting and can typically generate more support and donations.

For a non-profit organization to really optimize their marketing efforts, it is important to utilize online marketing. However, in order to truly benefit from online marketing, it must be done right. Take a look at some of our resources to guide you in the right direction! Start by requesting a FREE marketing analysis and we’ll let you know exactly what you need to get started. Click the image below!

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