Blogs make your website interactive by providing insight on specific topics through the words of a writer. Not only do blogs provide insight, but they also help to establish credibility and ultimately build a relationship with your website viewers. All without even having to pick up the phone!

Blogging Basics

In order to begin writing a blog, certain blogging software is necessary. The features of the blogging software you use are dependent on the software, but most programs ensure that a blog post’s html code conforms to web standards. The content of a blog is specific to the industry, or interest, of the blogger. It is important that a blog stays updated and consistent, with no less than 2 posts a week. An inconsistent blog lacking relevant or interesting content can work in an opposite way for your business. Instead of establishing credibility and building a relationship, a dated, irrelevant blog can cause you to lose business from online visitors. This is one of the many reasons you should keep your blog fresh, current, and consistent!

A Reason To Read

Blog content should be engaging and easily readable, as well as interesting, insightful or entertaining. Blog writers should give people a reason to read their blog. Let’s face it, people will only read a blog if they can get something out of it! After it is written and published, a blog is usually organized chronologically, with the newest post on top. Blog followers can subscribe to a certain blog and be alerted when a new blog article is posted. People who read a blog can leave comments, allowing the writer to interact with the follower and build a relationship. If your blog is really great, then you may get some blog followers who post your blog to their own social media profiles. Free exposure of your business…doesn’t get better than that!

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