On Monday, our blog was on how to share positive reviews from your customers online. Why keep that kind of promotion to yourself? Use it to your benefit!

Well, like positive reviews, awards are great for online business promotion.

Awards like various recognitions or achievements are GREAT to share online! Like we said, why keep that kind of promotion to yourself?

Say you company is recognized by your local Chamber for best customer service in your industry. Turn this recognition into a way you can promote your business online.


What’s the process of turning a certificate or some type of banner award into online business promotion? Have a graphic designer (or use your own software, if available) to create a shareable JPEG image like the one below:


Promote your business online with a shareable version of your award, like this one!

After creating this graphic, share it to all your social media profiles. But, don’t limit it to JUST your business social media profiles. Share it on your personal profile as well. In fact, on Facebook it has a better chance of being seen if it’s coming from a personal page (due to Facebook algorithms). So, share it from your business page to your personal page and encourage your employees to do the same!

Think Again!

Even if you don’t think the award is THAT big of a deal, think again! Any award can be used to promote your business online. Your consumers may be easier to impress than you think…

To take it a step further, write a blog about the award you won. Write about the award itself and what it took to win (it’s okay to toot your own horn every once in awhile)! This blog can then be shared on social media, not to mention another indexed page on your website!


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