Yesterday, we talked about the importance of online event sharing and how you are more likely to get a better turnout at your business events (trunk shows or open houses and even staff meetings), if you share your event online.

Well, to further promote your business online, consider following up with that recent event. Sharing the event itself is an awesome way to promote your business online, but why not get some additional exposure by sharing the outcome (especially if it was really great)!

Recap Your Event

What’s the best way to do this? Consider making a video blog recapping the highlights. This video can then be shared to social media profiles and even in an email. Not comfortable in front of the camera? That’s alright, a normal, written blog would be beneficial too! Cover these points:

  • Recap the event
  • Who was there
  • Who spoke/presented
  • Who stood out
  • Other highlights
  • Your favorite moment

It’s All In The Details.

Obviously, this may be best for business events such as open houses, festivals, fundraising events, etc. (and maybe not best for staff meetings). Don’t forget to include DETAILS. Not only do they make the story interesting, but they also help to make an impression that sticks in readers’ minds.

There are a variety of ways you can promote your business online. And it’s not as hard as you think it is! Oftentimes, people are so intimidated by the word “online” that they don’t leverage the power of this media. Don’t be scared! Promoting your business online not only helps with exposure, it helps to establish your business as relevant in the eyes of your consumer.

Need help getting started promoting your business online? That’s what we do! Everything from websites, to online advertising and everything in between. Submit the form below to have someone contact you.

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