Screaming fans make for excellent online advertising subjects. Right?

Yes, but…

Bing took a strange twist on their online advertising efforts. In their latest March Madness ad, Bing predicted Duke had a 70% chance to defat Gonzaga. Well, they got their prediction right, but they got their ad wrong.

The ad features student Kristen Yarows, as a fan cheering for Duke to defeat Gonzaga.

Yeah, so what?

Well, Kristen is actually a Wisconsin fan. In fact, she’s a self-proclaimed “badger for life.” So why would Bing take Kristen and photoshop her into a Duke fan? Aren’t there a billion photos of REAL Duke fans that Bing could have chosen from?

Verdict’s Out

Beats us! The verdict is still out on why exactly Bing would want to go to the extra effort of photoshopping a fan…however, they have generated the buzz they wanted. Their goal of this online advertising campaign was probably to leverage a trending topic such as March Madness, to “get in on the action” of a relevant and popular topic. Well, job well done, Bing. You achieved what you set out to do!

Your online advertising efforts don’t have to be weird (and wrong?) to get the attention of your target consumer. However, an effective online advertising campaign does require some effort to catch the eye of a consumer who is submerged in an advertising-cluttered world. Your online ad should be something that makes your consumer stop and not only hear your message, but (more importantly) remember your name. This way, you create an awareness of your brand that your consumer will remember. Even if they don’t realize it, your consumer associates the message with your business and creates a “top of the mind” awareness. So, next time they need your services, they are more likely to think of you.

See, we don’t just do “marketing” we’re consumer psychologists too.

Just kidding…but maybe according to Bing we are?

So, give us a call or submit the form below! We’d be more than happy to help you get noticed (without unnecessary photoshopping effort).

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