If you’re reading this blog, you use the Internet. Guess what?

So do your customers.

For you, that means you need to be advertising online. But how? What are your options? How can you choose? Let me tell you more in my online advertising menu!

Google Adwords

Google knows the Internet, people. So much so that the word itself has become a word in the dictionary. If someone “Googles” you, you need to show up within the first 3 results. Period. Using Google Adwords, you can make that happen. Google operates on a PPC, or pay-per-click method. That means you only pay when you someone clicks your ad. (This is different than a CPM method, or cost per thousand – mille – that means you only pay after your ad has been shown a thousand times.)

The types of advertising below can all be done within Google Adwords.

Within Google Adwords, you can choose to do a search campaign. This means that when someone searches a term related to your business, you show up.

Think of display advertising as the modern day billboard. When someone is looking on a site, they can see your display ad (usually a square or rectangular branded image) on the sidebar or within a page. This is also done within Google Adwords.

You know those pesky little ads that show up after you search for a specific item? For example, you’re looking at new cars and then that exact car you were looking at shows up everywhere. What gives? That’s a retargeting ad. They certainly get your attention, don’t they?

Ahhh, mobile. People are on their mobile devices more than desktops these days. So guess where your ads need to be?

You’re so smart.

Google is prioritizing video more and more. And people love their videos. Consider advertising on YouTube to make sure you’re seen.

Social Media

Social media is used for more than just sharing family photos, folks. Social media advertising is one of the best ways to get in front of your customers. Why? It’s because it’s where we spend so much of our time! Position yourself in such a way that when your customers think of a product or service, they think of you. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, be there.

No matter what your online advertising need, rest assured SDB is here to help. We’re a team of experts who know where you need to be, and when. But most importantly, how. Trust the experts. Trust SDB.

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