The retreat in crude oil prices happened quickly, and has left many people confused and concerned. With decreasing oil prices, many oil companies are making significant budget cuts, including personnel changes. Of course, this is a cause for concern for people who have built their lives around a booming oil market.

The show must go on…

Understandably, oil businesses are making changes to their 2015 budgets to accommodate for the unstable price of oil. However, remember a key piece of information. Your oil company (or the one you work for) is not the only one experiencing the decline in oil prices. Therefore, your company is not the only one making budget revisions and staff cuts. Other companies are prioritizing who they do business with, not only making sure they receive the best service/product, but that they receive the best service/product for the best price. The show must go on…less expensively.

So what does that mean for you?

It means other companies are going to shop around before making a decision on who they do business with, ensuring they make the best, cost-effective decision. Businesses may choose to use other companies before businesses that they’ve done previous business with, just to reduce costs. This can be an opportunity for you. However, first, you must be found. When a business is looking for you, will you be found?

At SDB, our job is to make sure that you’re not only found, but you’re chosen. With a killer website, blogging, search engine optimization, online advertising (and much more), we take your marketing to another level. Once you’re found, we establish a sense of credibility for your business that leads people to choose you. Stand out. Be found. Be chosen. Make marketing a priority to grow your business. Fill out the form below to receive more information.

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