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When you’re in the medical industry, there are only so many pens you can give out before they no longer count as a “freebie.” Most patients expect to come away with a free pen after they meet a doctor for the first time. What can you do to motivate people to choose your practice (especially if the procedure you provide is elective and people have more of a choice on who to choose)? You can not only receive new patients, but also gain credibility and publicity through the offers you make to your (potential) patients.

In the medical industry, it’s important to provide potential patients with the incentive to choose you. One of the best ways to do this is to make offers. Not only do offers bring people to you and increase credibility and publicity, but offers are also a great way to easily build a contact database (and a social media following!), assuming you are using a lead generation tool.

How can you provide incentives to bring patients to you?

Give them an offer they can’t resist!

(If you’d like this checklist in a simple, downloadable PDF form, click HERE.)

Below are 5 of the best offers you can promote in the healthcare industry:

  • Free Consultation-What’s better than free? Especially if the procedure you offer is elective, provide potential patients with the opportunity to come to you first for information regarding the procedure they’re interested in.
  • Discounts/Interest Free Financing-Payment is one of the biggest decisions to make when having any type of procedure done. If you’re able, offer a discount or some type of financing incentive to attract people to you.
  • PDF-Sometimes, a person may be only slightly interested in a procedure you provide, but could express more interest if they had more information. Gather content on FAQs, testimonials, before/after pictures, etc. and have a graphic designer design a downloadable PDF with the information. Attach this PDF to a landing page that website visitors can download only after downloading a form to collect their contact information (again, building your contact database).
  • Specific Giveaways-Depending on the procedure you provide, you may want to have a contest for a free giveaway. People can enter their contact information for a chance to win the giveaway. Examples of industry specific giveaways can be sunglasses (LASIK/eye health) or a makeover (plastic surgeon/medical spa).
  • Tickets-Who says offers have to always be specific to the healthcare procedure you provide? Sometimes, an offer entirely unrelated to healthcare is more appealing. If your city has an upcoming concert or sports game, consider purchasing tickets to motivate people to submit a form with their contact information.

Bring Them Straight To Your Office!

There you have it. 5 offers you can easily make to provide incentive in the medical industry. Start with one, and continue to provide offers as your business grows. Nurture the leads you bring in with content relevant to them (social media posts, blogs, etc.) and they may become patients too! Offers are an incredible (and relatively cheap) way to bring patients straight to your office.

If you’d like this offer checklist in a simple, downloadable PDF form click HERE.

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