I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before…

The average person is exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day. Thousands of opportunities (most of which go ignored) to purchase the next best thing.

In New York City, I’m sure it’s millions.

Yep, that's trashcan advertising. I'm telling you, ad space is quite the commodity.

Yep, that’s trashcan advertising. I’m telling you, ad space is quite the commodity.

Talk about sensory overload.

You see, I’ve been to New York before and was blinded by the bright lights and overwhelmed by the big city. But this time, this time was different. I knew what to expect and how to see past the bright lights and take on the big city.

Why am I telling you this?

Your Advertising…In Lights!

Find out how...

Because this time, unlike the last, I was able to see NYC from an advertiser’s perspective (and let me tell ya, ad space is quite the commodity). I was able to appreciate the good advertising and scoff at the bad. In New York City, to be successful in advertising, you have to stand out. You have to be noticed. Does that mean you have to have the biggest advertising budget and the largest billboards?


In fact, sometimes, it’s the smallest things you may notice the most. The personal things, the relevant things, the entertaining things.

My trip to NYC gave my a perspective on how to do just that; stand out with what you have. That’s what I hope to share with you in this 3 part blog series. So stay tuned, there’s more to come!

PS: In the top image, can you count how many billboards are advertising the same movie?


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